May 21, 2017

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If you anything like I am, then you know how frustrating it can be to be on a hike and you want a quick drink and you have the wrong lid. Instead of flipping open the straw, you have to take off the lid, drink, and put the lid back on.

Rhino Zing Bottles and Lids

Hello, my name is Don Clever, founder of and creator of the Rhino Zing product line.

I would like to go over the Lid Selection available from the Rhino Zing line for their Stainless Steel Water Bottles and Beer Growlers. I will be covering the functionality of the lids, how the lids look on the bottle, and how the lids can (or can’t) be used as a handle.

The three Wide Mouth lids that the Rhino Zing brand carry are all the Standard Plastic Lid, a Stainless Steel Lid, and a Straw Lid.

Rhino Zing Bottles and Lids

Each has a specific function that makes the lid unique. When it comes to convenience, the Standard Lid stays attached to the bottle so you never have to set the lid down (you still have to unscrew the lid to take a drink). The Stainless Steel Lid you have to remove from the bottle to take a drink and it does not stay attached to the bottle. The Straw lid you do NOT have to remove from the bottle, as the straw flips up to get a drink.

Grandson sucking on the straw lid

When it comes to the insulation properties, there are differences as well. Both the Standard Lid and the Stainless Steel lid have a thick center to match the insulation properties of the bottle itself. Meaning you should not look any heat or cold out the lid. The Straw Lid, however, has a hollow center to accommodate the flip straw function.  Due to the lack of insulation in the lid you may see a slight loss of heat or cold out the lid, but not by much.

 Rhino Zing Straw Lid and Stainless Steel Lid and Standard Plastic Lid

So we know the lids function differently, but how about the experience? The Stainless Steel Lid is the best looking lid by far. This lid gives a clean and even look from top to bottle on the Stainless Steel Bottles and Beer Growlers. The Straw Lid has a two-tone gray and black look that compliments the Stainless Steel Bottles. The Standard Lid is a black plastic lid with a nice rubber band (for gripping) that makes an attractive look to the bottles.

The last feature of the lids are whether or not you can use the lid to actually carry the bottles. The Straw Lid had a nice finger look built into the lid that is meant to be used to carry the bottle. It is very wide and sturdy. The Stainless Steel Lid have a ring attached to the top of the lid that is designed to be used to carry the bottles as well. The Standard Lid should not be used to carry the bottle. Although it has a loop that attached the lid to the bottle, this loop was not designed to be used to carry the bottle. The 64oz Rhino Zing Beer Growler can be very have when it is full and often the loop will break at the top of the lid when used to carry the bottle. Should you desire the insulation properties and the convenience of having the lid attached to the bottle, Rhino Zing also sells a Sleeve/Pouch that is designed to carry the bottles.

Using the Handle on the Stainless Steel Lid

So whether you are looking for a lid that stay attached to the bottle, a lid that looks like the bottle, or a lid you don’t have to remove (like the straw lid) we should have a lid for you.

I recently posted a YouTube Video that demonstrates these lids.

For complete details on each of the lids, please check out my store.

This is Don with Camp Wild Ride, and as always, Show us your Wild Side! 

Donald Clever USMC

Donald Clever
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