Camping:  The art of getting closer to nature while getting farther away from the nearest cold beverage, hot shower and flush toilet. - Unknown

In The Kitchen, Line up for Chow

In The Kitchen

Cooking Indoors or Out, Keep These Things In Mind


It is easy to remember the Hamburgers and Hot-dogs. How often do we forget the little things, like the ketchup and mustard? Weather it is the jumbo size bottles, or the left-over restaurant packets, now is the time to look at what condiments you will need for your camping trip.

Matches or lighter

Although this makes for a great story after-the-fact, it can get rather embarrassing when you have your grill or stove all set up but forgot the lighter or matches. Luckily, we had gracious neighbors that came to our rescue when that happened to us a time or two. Keeping a lighter or set of matches around can really save the day.

Check the Freezer

When we get ready to go on a camping trip, we tend to put what we are going to take in one pile. Sometimes we forget that we cannot pile - the frozen items from the freezer. Your family and friends will never let you forget the time when you have all the fixing for the perfect burger, but no patties. That goes just as well with the Pantry, Refrigerator, Garage, etc.

Proper hose for the grill and stove

I have one of those stoves that uses the small propane bottles. My friend assured me we have plenty of propane so do not bother bringing any of the bottle. You guessed it; we did not have the right hose to use the propane from the larger bottles, and could not use the stove that weekend.


Ever had to flip hamburgers with a folded cardboard box? Ever had to cut your steak with a flimsy plastic knife? Or serve out soup with a little teaspoon?

You heard the saying, have the right tool for the job. Well we sometimes do not think about the little things when we pack for a camping trip, until we get out there and say, “Ah, I should have packed that!”

Plenty of Ice and Water

Not everyone can afford a $400 YETI cooler, so sad to say your ice will melt. Make sure you have plenty to ice and water to last the duration of your trip.

Does a Bear Poop In The Woods

In The Bathroom

No Job Is Finished Till The Paperwork Is Done!

Toilet Paper

No Toilet Paper can really be a pain in the kiester, especially when that leaf you used as a substitute turned out to be poison oak. When planning for this all-important paper, do not forget to pack some for your hikes and rides.

Toothbrush and Paste

You heard of morning breath, and how brushing your teeth helps with it, right? Imagine the damage after a few days of not brushing your teeth! Ouch!

Rather than talking your friends into sharing the toothbrush (yes, I have sunk this low), it would be better to just NOT forget your toothbrush.

Proper Dump Hose for the RV

It was funny when Robert Williams had his “Dump Disaster” in the movie RV, that is until it happens to you! This might be an issue when you rent an RV, so better be safe and check before you hit the road.

Shovel if you plan to dig a hole

Shovels come in handy for a few things; like when you want to go number 2 in the woods, or you want to dig out a fire pit, or did I mention when you want to go #2?

Ensure you RV dump tanks are empty

Your RV is a nice place to have a quiet moment and go Number 2. That is, until the tanks is so full it will not flush. Probably did not help that I forgot to empty the tanks from our last camping trip!

Give yourself a fresh start (literally) by starting out with nice clean and empty tanks.

Toilet Treatment stuff

Speaking of tanks, if you want to keep them fresh smelling you will need to add the stuff (you know the stuff)

Your Toys

Things to Make Your Ride More Enjoyable


When I store my toys, I keep the keys in the house. Sometimes I connect the trailer and drive off without the keys.

So the next time I keep the keys in the truck, only to go riding with a friend. He connects the trailer to his vehicle and off we go (forgot the keys again!)

Just make sure “Keys” are on your checklist.

Current OHV Stickers

Almost every state has a requirement to register your Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV). A sticker usually shows this. Not having a sticker, or an expired sticker, can be rather costly if you are caught.

Had a friend who got his stickers in the mail but left them on his table at home. He had to pay a fine of $75 on top of what he already paid for his stickers.

Best to have the sticker BEFORE you head out.

Insurance Cards

Just one of those things you hate to have, until you actually need it.

Proper Gas and Oil

Some bikes are 2-Stroke, some are 4-Stroke, and some take high-octane fuel. And to make it worst, some take mixed gas/oil fuel. The thing is, know what you need and have enough.

Spare parts

Here is a short story to bring home the point. I was riding my motorcycle, hit a pointy rock with my front tire, and got a flat. I had a spare tube so no worries. The next day I hit the same pointy rock and got another flat (you would think I would learn, nope). This time I had NO spare, had to run into town to get a new tube or two.

Besides making poor decisions and hitting the same rock twice, you get the point, right?

Trail Maps of the area

Nothing beats the explorer in you than discovering new and exciting locations. But getting lost in not only embarrassing, it can be dangerous.

Think Safety - Standing on a cliff

Think Safety

Some Boring, but Important Stuff

Proper Clothing

Weather changes rapidly (Plan for Warm, Cold, Wet, and Dry)

There is a saying here in Colorado, if you do not like the weather, wait 5 minutes. And, it's not far from the truth!

Having a raincoat or jacket nearby makes perfect sense.

First Aid Kit

Like Insurance, you do not want it until you need it. In addition, it would help if someone in your group actually knows how to use it, right?

Let someone know where you are and when you will return

I do admit I have a little problem with this one. I have so much fun camping and riding that all my friends and family are with me, leaving very few people tolet know where and when. But the importance remains the same.

Most missing or lost persons cases usually include not letting anyone know where they are going, Don’t be one of those stories, they don’t usually end well.

Check out our First Aid Kits

Misc Items

This is the Catch-all area

Clear your Camera’s Memory Card

You do not want to miss that shot due to a full card, right?


Cameras, Flashlight, Lanterns, Radios, etc.

Just like the full memory card, having a dead battery can really ruin your day. Have plenty of spares on hand.

Flashlights or Lanterns

Ah, to be seen! Whether you are camping, hiking, riding, or working on your vehicle at night, you need light. It could be small and fit into your pocket, or big and bulky to light up the whole room.  Just do not forget to bring them!

Spare keys for your vehicles

Hate to lock the keys in the car, may not find a locksmith anywhere close!

Tent AND Poles

Funny story, when I was a kid, I had an older friend who wanted to take us kids camping and fishing. I offered to bring my little 4-man tent, he said do not bother, I have this huge Army tent. I brought my tent anyway. We got there and sure enough, he had a huge Army tent, but forgot the poles. It rained and we stuffed all seven of us in my little 4-man tent.

Plenty of games

Cards, Board, Frisbee, etc.

Not just for the kids, we love playing cards with the folks.

Especially on those cold or rainy days. Will still make the camping trip a success!

Plenty of Dry Socks

That’s what Grandma Sonja always said!!!