June 09, 2017

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Are customers happy with the Rhino Zing Tumblers, we think so!

Rhino Zing Tumbler Customer Reviews and Questions

Quality is on everyone mind when it comes to something that holds what you drink. Listening to what customers say about our Tumblers lets us know if we are doing a good job and gives us opportunity to improve future versions of the products.

Rhino Zing Tumbler Set

My name is Don Clever, founder of CampWildRide.com and creator of the Rhino Zing product line.

In this blog I’ll show what the Rhino Zing Stainless Steel Tumbler family line is, highlighting some of the product reviews that customers are saying about our Tumblers and show some of the questions and answers that are posted for these Stainless Steel cups.

Rhino Zing 30Oz Tumbler with Handle

In 2015 Rhino Zing added the Stainless Steel Tumblers to their product line of Stainless Steel Growlers and Water bottles. These are sold on Amazon, eBay and our own website www.campwildride.com.  On Amazon they are sold as a tumbler with multiple variation between size, lid type and with or without a handle. The Tumblers come in a 20 Oz or 30 Oz size. Lid choices are standard lid with a sip or straw hole and a slide lid. And there is an optional handle for each of the Tumbler sizes.

Rhino Zing 20 Oz Tumbler

So what our customers saying and writing about our Tumblers? At the time of this video, we had 18 customer reviews and 5 questions on Amazon alone.

Rhino Zing Tumbler Reviews

Here are some question customers are asking about our Tumblers.

Rhino Zing Tumbler Questions

So after careful investigation of the reviews and questions, I get an overall feeling most are happy about the quality of the Tumblers and the product detail page has almost all the information customers are looking for. Some areas to improve are more life-style pictures to give customer a more complete idea of the tumblers in use, and more information about where the Tumblers are made.

Rhino Zing 30 Oz Tumbler

Why don’t you be the judge yourself? Visit our store and see if we have a Tumbler just right for you.

This is Don with Camp Wild Ride, and as always, Show us your Wild Side! 

Donald Clever USMC

Donald Clever
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