November 09, 2020

What is Cowboy Coffee? Cowboy coffee is coffee done the old fashion way, simply boil the coffee grounds in water without any filtering. Done right, you get a great cup of coffee with little or no grounds in your cup.

A Taste of Cowboy Ranch Recipes Cookbook

In our camp, the folks in each camper usually make their own coffee – as everyone gets up at different times and they can make their coffee without getting fully dressed. The campers who are Tent-camping however, rely on the coffee made in our community kitchen. In the past this was done using a percolator. We wanted to try out the Cowboy Coffee that Kent Rollins talks about in his videos.

Cowboy Coffee

What about the unfiltered coffee grounds? Won’t they go right into your coffee cup? That is what we thought as well, and thanks to the tips from Kent Rollins that was not the case. The secret is cold water. For some mysterious reason, when you add a little cold water to your coffee pot after the coffee is ready to serve, it makes those pesky coffee grounds settle to the bottom of the pot and not into your cup.


Cowboy Coffee

And don’t forget to properly season your coffee pot. Just like cast iron, you should never use soap to clean your pot as this will remove some of the oh-so-good seasoning that a good old coffee pot will deliver. I have to admit, this was one area I had to re-train myself as I always washed with soap in the past and thought the pot would mold if not really cleaned. Kent shows that if done right, by really drying the pot when done, it will retain the seasoning and not mold.

Note: Don’t know what to do with your left-over coffee and grounds? Check out this great recipe

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