November 02, 2020

Ever want to know what to do with that left-over coffee and grounds, well look no further. Kent Rollins came up with this great tasting cake with a slight coffee flavor.

Cowboy Brew Cake
Kent Rollins A Taste of Cowboy Cookbook

Why are we attempting this recipe? We are on a mission to try every recipe in Kent Rollins cookbook A Taste of Cowboy.

Cowboy Brew Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

Being a cake recipe, we baked this in a Dutch Oven and did not burn it too bad. Still learning the right flame on the propane stove. We are in Colorado and due to the multiple fires across all western states, Colorado has a state-wide fire ban, so no charcoals on the Dutch Oven. Instead, we used a propane stove and covered it with a Dutch Oven Dome by Camp Chef to create an outdoor oven which worked great if you have the flame adjusted just right. We had the flame just a tad too high and the bottom of the cake was a little too crispy. Although the bottom was crispy, it was still 100% edible and the bottom had an almost caramelized taste - there were no left overs.

The next time we attempt this recipe using the same Dutch Oven Dome we will reduce the flame just a bit. And believe me we will do this again as it still turned out very tasty. Who knew coffee grounds would taste so good?

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