December 28, 2020

Another attempt to cook with a Dutch Oven, we were getting better with heat management and the cherry bars turned out great. We still have not figured out how to apply heat just at the top to brown the top only. We used a propane stove and a Dutch Oven Dome by Camp Chef but the majority of the heat is still the bottom and sides. We will continue to experiment until we get it just right (golden brown).


Cherry Crescent-Roll Bars – So fancy for a camping desert!
Cherry Crescent-Roll Bars – So fancy for a camping desert!

Still very tasty and we eventually want to try this with other pie fillings in place of the cherry. Should be interesting.

Kent Rollins A Taste of Cowboy Cookbook

Why are we attempting this recipe? We are on a mission to try every recipe in Kent Rollins cookbook A Taste of Cowboy while we are camping. Great way to use crescent rolls.

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